REMOVALS-CDS company offers you an additional service of "Storage rooms" on the Costa del Sol.
Rental of the storage room to store household items, personal effects, office furniture, electrical appliances, sports equipment, tools, commercial items, professional equipment...
You can entrust us with your personal belongings that are not necessary at home or in the office, during a move, renovation, business trip or vacation, for the purpose of temporary storage.
Individual storage facilities are designed to accommodate only the belongings of one owner, family, or organization.
We will guarantee the safe storage
Size Price with VAT
Storage Area 4,5 m2 (16,3 m3) 119,00 €
Storage Area 5,5 m2 (19,8 m3) 149,00 €
Storage Area 6,5 m2 (23 m3) 179,00 €
Storage Are 7,5 m2 (27 m3) 199,00 €
Storage Are 9,2 m2 (33 m3) 249,00 €
Storage Are 10,4 m2 (37 m3) 279,00 €
Storage Are 11,2 m2 (40,3 m3) 299,00 €
Storage Are 11,4 m2 (40,9 m3) 319,00 €

**Price for a month with VAT incluido**

**Rent for at least one month**